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Bryan has over 25 years of business experience as an owner and CEO. In his various entrepreneurial ventures Bryan has excelled in sales and marketing of both products and services. A well-known fact is that most Main Street businesses are sold through online advertising.

With Bryan’s demonstrated skills in promotions and digital marketing he can bring his insights, creativity, and experience to help you get the best deal possible on the sale of your business.

The Team of Sunbelt Business Brokers

We leverage our deep experience to provide you with innovative strategies that deliver results. Working together, we provide unmatched value to business owners seeking an exit strategy or growth through acquisition.

How to prepare your business for sale

Selling your business for the maximum price starts well before you call a Broker. Planning, organization and good business practices can be the difference between selling your business and achieving financial freedom or getting out in a hurry and breaking even.

Here are a few business habits that if developed and maintained consistently are guaranteed to make your business a winner at the closing table.

  • Habit one: Maintain good financial books and records. Better yet, hire a bookkeeper to maintain your books and a CPA for taxes. This team of professionals will be worth every penny as buyers pay more for businesses with clean books and offer a hedge of protection if the IRS has a question about your returns.
  • Habit Two: Make sure you report all revenue. When it comes time to sell your business every dollar that you report will potentially gain you two to three dollars when selling your business. Bottom line – buyers do not pay for unreported revenue.
  • Habit Three: Keep building and investing in your business. The more value you create and profit you earn the more attractive your business will be to potential buyers.
  • Habit Four: Work yourself out of a job. If the success of the business is solely dependent on you the owner, and nothing happens without your effort, especially sales, it is nearly impossible to find a buyer. So, work on scalable processes, build up staff that can manage, and reap the benefits at the closing table.
  • Habit Five: Work to have a diversified customer base. If one customer provides more than 10% of your annual recurring revenue this makes your business hard to sell. The bottom-line any buyer that would be looking at your business is weighing the opportunities against the risks of purchasing your business.

Sunbelt Business Brokers is a team that delivers. When you’re ready, we make it happen!

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